Over the last decade we have prided ourselves not only on providing high quality work at reasonable prices, but also on providing great customer service. In doing so we have gained a solid reputation through referrals and word of mouth.  Having feedback has been essential to our success. 

Here's what people are saying about Central Kansas Plumbing.

"Andy and his staff are the most professional individuals. Very prompt and courteous. Absolutely reasonably priced, actually, rather cheap considering their workmanship! I would highly recommend them!"
Teresa C.


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  • Cindy Longie (Tuesday, August 27 19 09:31 am EDT)

    Andy is very professional and and a Vet also. He takes care other Vets by giving them a discount. AHS sent Andy to my house to replace my water heater and it was done in a very timely fashion and I WILL recommend him to everyone I know. He saved me a boatload of money! Thank you Andy!

  • Kelly (Thursday, July 25 19 02:57 pm EDT)

    Fast excellent service. I appreciated the quick response time.

  • Georgia Poe (Monday, April 15 19 05:00 pm EDT)

    I thought I was going to have to buy a new water heater plus have the space updated " to code" estimated cost 470.00 for the water heater abd between 500.00 and 750.00 for installation. Someone recommended Andy. I called and was blessed. My hot water heater was only 3 years old and only needed a safety switch replaced. Cost...50.00. Andy saved me 1000.00 dollars. He is kind and very professional and will ALWAYS be my plumber. Highly, highly recommend

  • Anitria (Friday, December 28 18 09:14 am EST)

    Andy and his staff done a amazing job they are professionally, very nice and got the job done in a timely manner, very informative and gave me a lot of advice for my bathroom job well done. I will highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you guys


  • Jennifer M (Friday, June 15 18 09:05 am EDT)

    Andy and his staff are the most reliable and professional service that I have encountered. They are truly trusted in all areas of plumbing. An agency of their word. I highly recommend Andy and his staff.

  • Mark Schutt (Wednesday, June 06 18 02:14 pm EDT)

    I needed a replacement water heater in my home. I called Andy, he was by far the most courteous person I spoke with, had far better pricing, very prompt service, and professional workmanship especially in the limited space I had. Highly recommended!!!

  • Bud Cortner (Thursday, February 22 18 02:03 pm EST)

    Their work is outstanding. They have done work for us and our clients for over 3 years and we have heard nothing but raving reviews for their work and their prices. We would recommend them to any of our clients, family and friends. In fact, we actually consider them family. That is the way they take care of us and all our clients.

  • Jon Hayward (Tuesday, January 16 18 06:32 pm EST)

    Central Kansas Plumbing is a fair and honest company. They showed up to my place quickly, had a fair price, and did excellent work. I do not hire out any other plumbers in the Wichita area. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Brandon (Tuesday, June 07 16 12:20 pm EDT)

    Wonderful Experience! Very prompt, great communication, and helped with providing additional ideas on concerns I had in other areas of our house. Very accommodating!

  • gale (Thursday, April 14 16 05:57 pm EDT)

    Very nice guys. Thank you for working around our schedule.

  • Teresa (Wednesday, April 06 16 11:17 am EDT)

    My water heater went out and I needed it replaced. The home warranty told me to call Central Kansas Plumbing. Andy was exceptionally helpful! He explained everything in regards to warranting out my
    old water heater and replacing it with a much more better one. Andy and his staff are the most professional individuals. Very prompt and courteous. Absolutely reasonably priced, actually, rather
    cheap considering their workmanship! I would highly recommend them.

  • James (Wednesday, April 06 16 11:07 am EDT)

    The plumber arrived on schedule and immediately went to work. Within a very short period of time the job was done, tested, and the area cleaned. This is the second time I have used this service and I
    am totally satisfied with their work. I have their phone number in my address book for any future plumbing needs. I highly recommend them.

  • Jim (Wednesday, April 06 16 11:05 am EDT)

    Great experience and I am so thrilled to have found a great plumber in our area!

  • Jim (Wednesday, April 06 16 11:04 am EDT)

    Andy came exactly on time and did a beautiful job. They cleaned up the site better than it was when they came. They were so nice and accommodating and I would have them back in a heart beat if we
    need any other plumbing repairs done in the future.

  • James (Wednesday, April 06 16 11:02 am EDT)

    Immediate response to water leak. He used his camera to look into the wall and immediately located the problem. Within 15 minutes he had the problem resolved. He also replaced 3 shut off valves, 2 of
    which were leaking and 1 had the handle broken. He was very professional, punctual, and even removed his shoes. Work was done in a professional manner they cleaned their area. My experience was
    nothing but glowing and would highly recommend them.

  • Karen (Wednesday, April 06 16 10:56 am EDT)

    Friendly, quiet and did the work efficiently. Already had the part needed and gave estimates on further work needed

  • Barbara (Wednesday, April 06 16 10:55 am EDT)

    Andy is fantastic! My water heater split at the seam and leaked water everywhere in the basement. I called and within 15 minutes he was on the job, sucking out the water, recommending a restoration
    service to help, and locating a new water heater. Within a couple hours, the water heater is replaced, the restoration service is working on clean up, and I am back to work. Thanks Andy - You totally
    rock. He even left the water heater in the drive so the insurance adjuster could look at it and he'll pick it up and haul it off after the adjuster is done! Super Job!

  • Freddy (Wednesday, April 06 16 10:50 am EDT)

    Everything with them went well. They were good, and I gave them a thumbs up. The price I paid was for a toilet and installation. The price was high, but they told me that I get a credit from the city
    for the energy efficient toilet.

  • Lee (Wednesday, April 06 16 10:48 am EDT)

    I wouldn't consider anyone else for plumbing needs and I am an irrigation engineer and could do quite a bit on my own, but chose not to when they are on the job.

  • Becky (Wednesday, April 06 16 10:46 am EDT)

    They were courteous and cared about my problem. They came back to assure things were going alright. They also came and snaked a line for free. Very satisfied with service.

  • Becky (Wednesday, April 06 16 10:44 am EDT)

    My crawl space flooded because of a broken pipe. They came before the appt time and started fixing the problem by pumping out the water. They were courteous and cared about my problem they came back
    the next day and fixed the pipe.

  • Karen (Wednesday, April 06 16 10:41 am EDT)

    Got a quote for putting in new faucets. I will be calling them to do the work. They were very informative and gave advice for several problems.

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